Clinton Banducci


Clinton Banducci was employed as a portfolio manager at Standard Equities in 1998 after completing his MBA at Edinburgh Business School (1997). In 1999 he joined Greenwich Securities in London where he was responsible for derivative research and corporate action arbitrage. However, his passion lay in trading and in July 2001 Appleton Securities employed him as a proprietary trader and thereafter SA Stockbrokers, where he continued to trade and manage private portfolios, providing him with 8 years’ experience as a successful proprietary trader, before starting Cratos Capital in 2009.

Andrew Gray


Andrew Gray began his career in the equities market as a portfolio manager at Appleton Securities in July 1999. He progressed from portfolio management to the institutional dealing desk where he managed and executed large institutional orders. During this time his interest in proprietary trading developed and was later given the opportunity to trade on the firms account. In May 2003 Andrew joined SA Stockbrokers as a proprietary trader. Here he managed his own as well as private client portfolios. In 2009 Andrew started Cratos Capital. His passion for the market, disciplined trading strategy and 10 years of valuable experience has contributed to his success as a proprietary trader.

Greg Davies


He started his career over 25 years ago in assisting clients in portfolio management, investment advisory and corporate stockbroking services. He has headed up Private client dealing for a large portion of his career, ensuring that standards and execution of client requirements are always adhered to. He joined the Cratos team in July 2012 where he Heads up the Private Client Trading.